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Spread the word and consider this a call to action for the Salt Creek membership to step up and take action and become involved.
Like so many of our fellow Illinoisans, a majority of the Salt Creek chapter board has already or will be leaving the state soon.

There are many board positions, but there are five required positions. Required are; President, Secretary, Treasurer, Legislative, and Safety & Ed.

Appointments have been made to get us through to the board elections that will be held at the November meeting.

If you have not heard, the gavel has been returned to Darren Karrick. He is the interim President.

Darren will be seeking nomination for President 2020.
??? will be seeking nomination for Treasurer 2020.
Theo will be seeking nomination for Legislative and retain his current position as the chapter’s BOD Representative.
Mike Hymbaugh is our current Membership Coordinator.

There is a need for nominations for Secretary and Safety and Ed, but nominations for ANY of the required positions are welcomed. The goal is to fill the required positions, and once the required positions are filled, there are additional positions available, including VP.

Persons seeking election to the Salt Creek Executive Board should have their name placed in nomination and seconded by a chapter member at a chapter meeting. Elections take place at the November meeting and terms for each office shall begin at the December meeting. If you are new to a position, I will extend an offer to pay for your ticket to ABATE STEEL for you to attend the class most applicable to your position.

Say it again, it is your chapter and it is time for our membership to step up and take action. If you are in Logan County or live around Lincoln, and not an ABATE member, stop into a chapter meeting and see what ABATE does for ALL riders, and become a member. Chapter meetings for 2019 are the first Sunday of every month, 11:30 AM at the Foxhole Pub N Grub 915 5th Street, Lincoln. You can also visit our Facebook page by clicking the link at the top of the page.

Contact Darren Karrick at 217.671.5364

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